community covenant

Respect for Others

KINGU community members should respect the opinions and viewpoints of others and refrain from behaviors such as personal attacks and insults.

Prohibition of Cheating

In KINGU Web3.0 traffic platform, any kind of cheating behavior is prohibited. Including but not limited to the use of plug-ins, malicious attacks on servers and so on.

Protection of Personal Information

KINGU community members should protect their own personal information and that of others, and not disclose others' private and sensitive information.

Legal compliance

In KINGU Web3.0 traffic platform, all activities and transactions should comply with relevant laws and regulations and game rules. Do not engage in illegal or unlawful behavior.

Friendship and Mutual Help

KINGU community members should be friendly and mutual help, and actively participate in community activities and exchanges. Create a good gaming environment together.

Prohibition of Advertisement

In the KINGU community, it is prohibited to publish any form of advertisement and harassment information. Keep the community fresh and clean.

Respect for copyright

In KINGU Web3.0 traffic platform, it is prohibited to infringe on others' intellectual property rights and copyrights. Including, but not limited to, stealing other people's ideas, publishing infringing content, and so on.

Abide by conventions

KINGU community members should abide by the community conventions and game rules. Do not engage in any behavior that violates the agreement and rules. Any violation will be penalized and dealt with accordingly.

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