voting system

DOCS1. Voting Function

KINGU's Community Voting System provides an easy-to-use voting function that allows community members to express their opinions by voting on different issues. Users can create polls and share them with other members, as well as participate in polls created by other members.


KINGU's community voting system supports multiple types of polls, including single choice, multiple choice, sorting, and other different forms to meet the needs of different issues. This ensures that community members can choose the most suitable voting method according to the specific situation.

Real-time statistics

The system will count the voting results in real time and display the results to users in the form of charts. This allows users to clearly understand the progress and results of the voting, making it easier for them to make decisions.


KINGU's community voting system adopts strict security measures to ensure the fairness and security of the voting process. The system authenticates each user to prevent malicious behavior and fraud.

User participation

Through the community voting system, community members can participate more actively in community affairs and express their opinions and views. This helps to enhance community cohesion and a sense of democratic participation.

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