KINGU's revenue sources mainly include the exchange of APP points for tokens, the exchange of tokens for miners to earn points, and the addition of LP liquidity rewards USDT.

First of all, users can earn points by participating in activities and transactions on KINGU's APP, which will be recorded in the smart contract on the BSC chain and can be exchanged for tokens on the KINGU Dapp. This provides a way for users to acquire digital assets and also provides the basis for value circulation in the KINGU ecosystem.

Secondly, users can exchange tokens for miners to gain points. By exchanging tokens for NFT ultra cube redemption, users can participate in mining activities and gain more points. This approach provides users with an opportunity to passivate earnings and also increases the circulation and use of tokens.

Lastly, KINGU also offers LP liquidity rewards in USDT. users can add their own funds to the liquidity pool, and as a reward for liquidity providers, they will receive USDT in return. This approach not only provides users with additional revenue opportunities, but also supports liquidity in the KINGU ecosystem.

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