core technology

  1. The underlying technical logic on the BSC chain mainly includes smart contracts and blockchain technology.

  2. Through smart contracts, users can trade and other financial services on KINGU Dapp. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, ensures the security and transparency of transactions.

  3. KINGU.APP is the main application product of the KINGU ecosystem. Users can earn points through activities and transactions on the APP. These points will be recorded in the smart contract on the BSC chain and can be exchanged through the KINGU Dapp.

  4. Users need to connect to KINGU Dapp via BSC wallet and then exchange the points into tokens. This process is done based on the smart contract on the BSC chain, which ensures the security and reliability of the transaction.

  5. At the initial stage, KINGU will mainly launch application products, including but not limited to search ranking, advertisement distribution, traffic slicing, label diversion, GameFi, private domain conversion and other functions. Users can earn points by participating in these activities, which can be exchanged for tokens on the DAPP

  6. Points produced by application products will become an important value circulation medium in the KINGU ecosystem, and users can get more opportunities and wealth through points.

  7. Through the underlying technical logic on the BSC chain, KINGU is committed to providing users with efficient, safe and convenient financial services, and jointly building a healthy and sustainable financial ecosystem.

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