Origin of KINGU


The story of KingU originates from the ancient legend that the two swords in the hands of King Arthur symbolize power and justice. Just like King Arthur, KingU also carries the mission and responsibility to build a global leading Defi financial platform to provide users with efficient, safe and convenient financial services.


KingU integrates the all-domain big data intelligent traffic system with Web3.0, which is like combining two swords into one, making KingU powerful and influential. Widely known on various social traffic platforms, the power and influence of KingU is gradually revealed, just like the sword in the hand of King Arthur.


Choosing KingU is like choosing the sword in the hand of King Arthur, which will eventually be hammered step by step to achieve the king of blockchain wealth. It will stand out among many blockchain projects and become known and admired by the world. This is the mission of KingU, to become an authority and leader in the financial field, providing users with broader financial services and richer investment opportunities.


KingU's story is being written, and it will continue to develop in an open, fair, and transparent manner, allowing users to participate in the platform's decision-making and governance, and jointly building a healthy and sustainable financial ecosystem. This is KingU's mission, to become the world's leading Defi financial platform, bringing more opportunities and wealth to its users.

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