NFT Trading Markets

1.NFT Marketplace

KINGU NFT Marketplace is a platform dedicated to trading (NFT), where users can buy and sell various types of NFTs, including digital artwork, virtual real estate, game props, and so on.

2.Points Redemption

In the future, users can use points to redeem NFTs in KINGU APP, which provides a way for users to convert points into tangible assets, increasing the flexibility and usefulness of points.

3.NFT ultra cube redemption

In addition to points, users can also use mining machines to redeem NFTs, which means that users can obtain more NFT assets through mining revenue from mining machines, thus increasing the returns and diversity of mining.

Two-way exchange

Not only can NFT be exchanged for points and miners, but also vice versa. This two-way exchange mechanism provides users with more choices and flexibility, making the flow between NFT, points and mining machines more convenient.

Sell, Trade, Pledge

In the KINGU NFT market, users are free to sell, trade and pledge their NFTs, which provides users with multiple ways to gain value and profit, and increases the liquidity and usability of NFTs.

Future development

With the continuous development of KINGU NFT market, more functions and application scenarios may be added in the future to provide users with richer and more diversified NFT experience and utilization.

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