DAO formation

  1. Formation of decentralized autonomous organization: KINGU DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, which is jointly managed and decided by community members holding tokens. This form ensures that community members have a greater say in the development and operation of the project, realizing community autonomy and democratic decision-making.

  2. Community participation and governance: KINGU DAO encourages community members to actively participate in the governance and development of the project. Through voting and proposals, community members can make decisions on important matters of the project, including the use of funds, product development, and the selection of partners.

  3. Transparent and fair governance mechanism: KINGU DAO has established a transparent and fair governance mechanism to ensure that the rights and interests of community members are safeguarded, and at the same time effectively prevent potential manipulation and cheating. This mechanism can enhance the confidence and support of community members for the future development of the program.

  4. Provision of diversified financial services and products: KINGU DAO aims to provide users with diversified financial services and products, including DeFi mining, liquidity provision, lending and borrowing, etc. By means of community governance, it will continue to introduce new products and services to meet the growing needs of users.

  5. Open and Inclusive Ecosystem: KINGU DAO is committed to creating an open and inclusive ecosystem, attracting more users and projects to join, and cooperating with other DeFi projects to jointly promote the development and innovation of the entire DeFi industry.

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