beginner's introduction

Step 1

Download KINGU.APP First of all, newbies need to download KINGU's APP from the app store or KINGU's official website, and install and register.

Step 2

Participate in activities and transactions After the registration is completed, newbies can participate in various activities and transactions on KINGU's APP, and get points by participating in activities and transactions.

Step 3

Exchange Points for Tokens Newbies can exchange the points obtained on KINGU APP for tokens, which will be recorded in the smart contract on the BSC chain.

Step 4

Redeem tokens for miners By exchanging tokens for miners, newbies can participate in mining activities and gain more points earnings.

Step 5

Add liquidity and get rewards Finally, newbies can add their funds to the Liquidity Pool (LP) as a reward for liquidity providers, receiving USDT in return.

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