KINGU Metaverse

  1. Real access to Metaverse: KINGU Metaverse allows users to realistically enter the virtual world through virtual reality technology, interact with other users and participate in a variety of virtual activities and experiences.

  2. Merchant Ads: Merchants can advertise their products and services in the KINGU Metaverse to the users in the virtual world. This provides a brand new marketing channel for merchants and only requires a certain amount of KINGU tokens.

  3. Virtual World Ecosystem: KINGU Metaverse is committed to creating a complete virtual world ecosystem, including virtual asset trading, virtual real estate development, virtual social activities, etc., providing users with diverse virtual experiences and entertainment.

  4. Blockchain-based security: KINGU Metaverse is built on blockchain technology to ensure the security of users' assets and transactions in the virtual world. Meanwhile, blockchain technology also provides a trustworthy foundation for the economic system of the virtual world, promoting the economic development and prosperity of the virtual world.

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