The True Value of NFTs Countless blockchain practitioners are looking for the next big thing, and many projects are now recognizing that NFTs are it.

NFTs are not a new concept, but rather an idea of how smart contracts and non-homogenized tokens can benefit both creators and users.

While there have been many NFT-related projects over the past few years, only a few products have really demonstrated the value of NFT and how it can change the world. NFT is more than just words on a page, it is a truly revolutionary blockchain technology standard that ensures innovation and creators are rewarded for their time and effort.

Community Driven As mentioned earlier, most DApps are designed only for the front-runners. Whether it's the extremely high barriers to entry or the expensive transfer fees, this makes it impossible for every ordinary person to get involved. For every DApp product, the value should be driven by and for the community.

So removing barriers to entry and ensuring that project developers are transparent and honest about their rules when designing their products is critical to fostering and expanding the community and driving real intrinsic value in their projects. Unfortunately, most communities don't get their fair share of the contribution and support behind projects.

Scalability Decentralized applications have come a long way, but in order to make the next leap forward, projects must address the issue of scalability. Many DApp projects have failed due to high Gas transfer fees

long transaction times, and extremely difficult to understand entry processes for newcomers. Nowadays, there are numerous new solutions with low transaction expenses and high Transactions Per Second (TPS)

and users are often faced with a new learning process and a new learning curve when switching to these emerging public chains.

The next section of the White Paper will focus on how the KINGU platform is trying to solve these problems.

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